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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my wax?

To ensure the most optimal experience, you must prepare for a wax! We recommend exfoliating the area several days prior to your appointment. Thoroughly clean the area and make sure to moisturize while avoiding greasy and heavy lotions or oils.

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What should I do for aftercare?

Your skin may be sensitive following your wax. Any red bumps or irritation should subside within a few hours. Make sure to avoid sun exposure, tanning, hot bath, hot tubs, heavy lotions, and exfoliation for 48 hours after your service.

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Does waxing hurt?

Everyone has a different scale for pain tolerance and what is painful for someone may not bother someone else. However, our process and the wax we use to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible. If you’re still worried about managing pain, we recommend you take ibuprofen or...

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How long does it take before I need to wax again?

Each person is slightly different, but we recommend every three weeks for the best results.

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How do I prevent ingrown hairs?

Avoiding ingrown hairs is easy if you make sure to exfoliate 2-3 times per week. We also offer a variety of products including scrubs, brushes, poufs, and oils that can help minimize ingrown hairs.

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