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Hello smooth skin! Diossa Spa provides professional waxing services to keep you looking your best all year long.

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Looking to reduce signs of aging or are in need of relaxation and self-care? A facial can make all the difference. Schedule your ‘me time' today

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We offer lower body waxing and intimate facials, we empower you to look and feel your best, from head to toe.

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Conveniently located on the corner of Babcock Street and US-1 in Melbourne, Florida. You deserve to rejuvenate & relax!

Welcome to Diossa Spa

Our everyday lives can be hectic, and our schedules seem to get busier every passing year. As our schedules become fuller and life events take place…our stress levels can increase as well. It’s so important to take time to relax, to take time to care for yourself. Many of us spend time taking care of those around us, we’d like to remind you to take care of yourself. Self-care is an essential part of ensuring you have physical and emotional balance. At Diossa Spa, you get to relax while you are taken care of.

Diossa Spa is conveniently located on the corner of Babcock Street and US-1 in Melbourne, Florida. Our spa is close to the surrounding cities like Viera, FL., Melbourne Beach, FL., and Palm Bay, FL. When you choose Diossa Spa, you choose a company with 7 years of experience in the industry! We have been in business since 2017 and are owned and operated by Yaned, who is passionate about self-care and ensuring her customers feel pampered and are satisfied when they leave. Check out some testimonials from our happy clients here.

Diossa Spa offers services such as facials and waxing with a variety of each service available. For example, we offer waxing services for the lower body, middle body, and head. As a Certified Clarity RX Professional, your facials and skin care treatments are custom designed for your specific skin type and needs. If you are unsure of your skin type, we offer free skin type analysis!

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Health and Safety

At Diossa Spa your health and safety are our top priority. Because of the public health risk surrounding COVID-19, we closely monitor the situation and recommendations made by credible sources. As an esthetician, it is important to always follow medical protocols for disinfection and disease prevention. The control of infection is not new to the world of salons and spas. There are several steps necessary to ensure everyone’s safety. These steps center around practitioner education, client distancing, increased sanitation practices, screening, and therapist-client engagement.


Esthetician Yaned is licensed by the state of Florida which requires continued recertification and education. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new level of responsibility for those in self-education fields. As new information about the virus is released from official sources it has been incorporated into our procedures to ensure everything is being done to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. I take pride in the fact that I am no longer just an esthetician, but an “infection prevention practitioner”.

Client Distancing & Increased Sanitation Practices

With the onset of the pandemic, we have become accustomed to measures that maintain a safe social distance from others around us. In the salon, only one client is scheduled per hour to ensure two clients will never have to cross paths with each other. This will also allow for additional cleaning time to ensure increased sanitation practices are practiced.

As an esthetician, Yaned has always used proper sanitation procedures such as changing linens, sterilizing all tools and instruments, and using unopened consumable items for each client. Those practices will never change, but because the virus responsible for COVID-19 can remain viable on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, additional cleaning of the salon area is performed daily. This includes disinfecting furniture, doorknobs, countertops, tables, trays, and any other hard surface in the environment.

Therapist-Client Engagement

The spa experience is a very personal one. Unlike many other client services, the ability to social distance between the client and esthetician is virtually impossible. This is where we will need to rely on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure a safe experience. The use of face masks for both the client and esthetician is preferred during the service. The need to stay home when not feeling well has never been more important.

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We proudly serve Brevard County, FL., in its entirety so call us today or book online to schedule your next facial or waxing appointment. You deserve to relax, rejuvenate and take some time to yourself. We’re in the business of rejuvenation and self-care, allow Diossa Spa to improve your skin, your mood, all while pampering you. As we move past the pandemic, our hope is for everyone to feel safe when they return to their hygiene and skin care routines. Diossa Spa looks forward to seeing everyone very soon!

Benefits of Facials and Waxing

Benefits of Facials

If you want healthier, clearer and firmer skin, a facial at Diossa Spa in Melbourne, Fl., is the perfect place to start! The benefits of facials far outweigh the costs and as the benefits of facials have been studied and seen, they are no longer considered an ‘indulgence; for those who are “high maintenance”. The benefits are physical but also mental/emotional as they can lower stress, improve self-confidence and self-esteem! Of course, there are many other benefits including: increased circulation, clearer skin (say goodbye to blackheads and large pores!), skin hydration, reduction of crow’s feet and other wrinkles and more! View more information on facials here. Benefits of Waxing

Whether you are focusing on legs and bikini area, facial waxing, eyebrows, or are tired and annoyed with back hair, waxing is a great option! It’s a great way to get that flawless skin look, quickly. Waxing comes with a myriad of benefits, you can look forward to no more razor burn or bumps, improving the way new hair growth occurs, long-lasting results and more. View our waxing page found here.