Valentine's Day Facial

Valentine's Day Special - Now Until 14 February - $56 Facial

Skin Care Services

Relax and enjoy a therapeutic skin treatment custom-tailored, especially for you. Our esthetician will perform an evaluation of your specific skin type and develop a treatment plan just for you. 

Yes! You should get a facial!

We offer a variety of skin care services in addition to various types of facials. Each year our lives become busier and busier, with things like raising a family, working, and other daily life activities. It has become harder for women everywhere to find the time to slow down, relax and dedicate time to themselves. It isn’t selfish, it’s necessary! In addition to facials, intimate facials, back facials, we offer peels (salicylic, lactic or glycolic), microdermabrasion, LED skin phototherapy and NuFACE quick lifts. All of which have amazing benefits, microdermabrasion for example, offers diminished wrinkles, smooth and fresh-looking skin, shrunken pores, reduced age spots, more even skin tone, minimized fine lines and more. 

When you look in the mirror and feel confident, beautiful and love the way you look, your world changes. Higher levels of confidence and lower levels of stress can improve your work performance, your relationships and more. It’s time to do something for yourself because you deserve it ladies. Schedule your appointment with me today!

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Exceptional Facials

Take a look at the facials we offer, see anything that catches your eye? We love empowering women to feel good and improve the condition of their skin. From anti-aging to detox and classic facials - you deserve it all! Book your appointment at our... Read More

Back Facials

A back facial follows the same treatment process as a regular facial on the skin of your back. The treatment will include a skin analysis followed by a cleaning with any additional add-on and finished with a mini-moisturizing massage. The pore... Read More

Intimate Facial

The Intimate Facial, also known as a “Vajacial”, is a skincare treatment of the bikini and extended bikini line (pubic mound and outer labia). This is performed to exfoliate, extract in-grown hairs, remove bacteria, prevent acne, and... Read More

Stand Alone Half Hour Skin Treatments

We offer a variety of stand-alone half-hour skin treatments, all with unique benefits which allow you to feel and look your best.  Peels: Salicylic, Lactic, or Glycolic Time: 30 minutes Price: $65 ___________________________________... Read More

Available Add-Ons

Ahh. Self-care never felt so good! Choose Diossa Spa for relaxation and treat yourself to some much needed you time. Check out the add-ons we have available: Exfoliation Add-On (Salicylic/Lactic/ Glycolic/Microdermabrasion)  Price: $40... Read More